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Beat Rhythm FashionBring Real Freedom

The long awaited disc of finely-crafted songs from this much respected and greatly sought after Wellington band. Sweepingly beautiful and thought provoking intelligent music, this disc collects all three singles lovingly restored and remastered, plus 9 tracks from the band's later live set to complete 'The album BRF would have made' if life had played out differently.
'Beings Rest Finally' b/w 'Brings Real Freedom' appeared around mid-1981 on the Bunk label. In an interview in the July 1981 issue of In Touch Dan Birch described 'Beings Rest Finally' as a song about the death of millions: "It's not a sad song musically, it's meant to be a happy sort of lullaby. We wanted something like that Lou Reed song where a guy jumps out of a window and it's not sad or terrible but quite a wonderful, purifying thing."
While BRF were seen by punters and critics alike as being very much a part of the Wellington post-punk underground, the Birch brothers themselves felt somewhat detached from that scene. Coming from what could be considered a cosmopolitan background (they spent most of their youth in Hong Kong), New Zealand in 1981 seemed something of a cultural wasteland by comparison, and they felt little in common with the other bands. The Birch brothers were also part of an event that has subsequently assumed legendary status: a jam session with The Cure in the basement of a Wellington school during their second NZ tour in early August 1981.
1. Turn of the Century
2. Beings Rest Finally
3. Hard as Hell
4. Welfare State Rent
5. Freezing Mr Precendent
6. The Party Season
7. Optimism
8. The Decision
9. Freedom Group
10. North Code
11. War Worlds
12. The Family
13. Art and Duty
14. No Great Oaks
15. Bring Real Freedom
16. Song of the Hairless Ape

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