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Bats ,theThe Guilty Office

For their seventh studio album – The Guilty Office – the Bats continue to refine and develop their own idiosyncratic path, whilst also adding fresh sparkle and new ideas. The strings and additional instruments come to the fore, such as on the first single Castle Lights, and Robert Scott’s songwriting has become particularly strong on tracks such as Countersign and Crimson Enemy. It could have been pentagonal room they recorded in at John Kelcher’s studio, or the proximity to the Heathcote river, but either way, the band have come up with an album that shines among their best.

***** METRO February 2009 Gary Steel " ... profound joy and sadness and the richness of everyday experience hide behind ordinary lives everywhere and The Bats capture that resonance better than ever on The Guilty Office. A recording of 12 unpretentious miniatures beautifully captured ..."
***** The Orchard is, simply, one of the greatest pop songs Robert Scott has ever written. - Fire Escape Talking
***** The Bats - The Guilty Office - By Brock Thiessen It's hard to go wrong with the Bats. For more than two decades, this New Zealand foursome have been a stunning model of consistency, with their albums serving as prime examples of that much-loved kiwi pop jangle. And The Guilty Office is no exception.

1. Countersign
2. Crimson Enemy
3. Broken Path
4. Like Water In Your Hands
5. Castle Lights
6. Two Lines
7. Satellites
8. Later On That Night
9. Steppin' Out
10. The I Specialist
11. The Guilty Office
12. The Orchard

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