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Montgomery ,Roy324 E. 13th Street No. 7

Bouncing between his native New Zealand and the tiny titular apartment in New York's East Village, guitar and Tascam 4-track ever at hand, Roy Montgomery graced numerous vinyl microlabels with his unique gifts. In contrast to Montgomery's epic soundscaping works on Drunken Fish and Kranky, these tracks often feature his wonderful vocals and reflect a talent for finely tuned, folk-flavored pop. For the first time, 324 E. 13th STREET #7 assembles this lesser-known Montgomery vocal canon on one indispensable disc.

324 E. 13th STREET #7 opens with 1985's lone single by the Shallows, Montgomery's second band. Warm harmonies and M. S. Agro's wriggling basslines set these oddly joyous tunes apart, but the rich baritone, layered synths, and e-bowed/strummed textures--equal parts Roger McGuinn, Sterling Morrison, Vini Reilly, and Tom Verlaine--are immediately familiar. Highlights among the 18 songs that follow include "E.N.D.," Montgomery's elegy for kindred spirit Nick Drake; "the propulsive "Something Else Again"; "German Sister" (featuring Barbara Manning's lovely backing coo); the Galaxie 500-like "Fine, Fine, Fine"; and the gorgeous "Just Melancholy" and "Cousin Song." But each track is a gentle gem--sensitive and somber, confessional and hopeful, deeply felt, and touched by shimmering musical mystery and lyrical beauty.

Incl.4 Prev.Unreleased tracks +16 tracks from Out-Of-Print Singles

Alternative Press - "...an archival collection of solo works mostly featuring just Roy and his guitar....finding Montgomery toying with effects and swathes of guitar noise, creating pastoral compositions with an eerie concert-hall echo."
CMJ  - "...Montgomery is brave enough to fasten his heart to a torn, dusty sleeve, and boy, does he wear it well."

1.Suzanne Said
2.Trial By Separation
3.Submerged & Colourful
4.Cousin Song
5.Film As A Subversive Art
6.Long Night
7.It's Cold Outside
8.German Sister
9.Something Else Again
11.Just Melancholy
12.Used To
13.Times Three
14.Some Other Time
15.Strange Attractor
16.On The Road I
19.Fine, Fine. Fine
20.In Your Wake

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