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Finn ,TimNorth,South, East, West Anthology

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In a first for Tim Finn this release is all encompassing and career spanning, revisiting his days in legendary art/rock pioneers Split Enz, Crowded House (he joined brother Neil for the Woodface album and tour) and The Finn Brothers as well as tapping into songs from his rich solo career.
The Anthology contains a few rarities and unreleased tracks as well as some new songs recorded this year (Nothing Unusual and Light Years Away), featuring guest appearances by Missy Higgins, Neil Finn, Liam Finn, Eddie Rayner, Bic Runga and others.
Tim is incredibly proud of this release and it is just as much about looking forward as it is back.

'With a directional title like that you would expect this double CD best-of to be, er, all encompassing.And despite some lateral minded selections, some re-recordings taking the place of original tracks, and a few mysterious absences, it is all that.
It divides itself neatly four ways. There are seven original Split Enz songs, and an eighth Stuff and Nonsense redone as a duet with Missy Higgins.The latter portion of each disc covers his early and more recent solo years, all the way back to reggae-fied early hit Fraction Too Much Friction. And there are three songs from his Crowded House stint on the breakthrough Woodface album - but all re-recorded. It's Only Natural is rendered as another duet, this time with Bic Runga.
But it's a solo-at-the-piano How Will You Go that is the most effective of the revised songs. And there are another three songs from the two Finn brothers' albums.
So as an "anthology", it doesn't quite stick to the history book. But across its 34 tracks North, South, East West ... sure remains a fascinating map charting just how far this Finn has sailed.'- Russell Baillie

1. I See Red (Split Enz)
2. My Mistake (Split Enz)
3. Poor Boy(Split Enz)
4. Six Months In A Leaky Boat(Split Enz)
5. I Hope I Never (Split Enz)
6. Dirty Creature(Split Enz)
7. Maybe (Split Enz)
8. Stuff And Nonsense (feat. Missy Higgins)
9. Fraction Too Much Friction
10. Made My Day
11. So Deep
12. How'm I Gonna Sleep
13. Not Even Close
14. Many's The Time
15. Persuasion
16. Into The Water
17. Nothing Unusual

Disc 2 -
1. Weather With You (feat. Neil Finn & Liam Finn)
2. How Will You Go
3. It's Only Natural (feat. Bic Runga)
4. Underwater Mountain
5. Dead Man
6. What You've Done
7. Subway Dreaming
8. Angels Heap
9. Disembodied Voices
10. Luckiest Man Alive
11. Winter Light
12. Couldn't Be Done
13. Astounding Moon
14. Straw To Gold
15. Out Of This World
16. The Saw And The tree
17. Light Years Away
18. Poor Boy (Instrumental)

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