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Salmonella DubFreak Controller Madness

Salmonella Dub's auspicious 7th studio album, the incredibly dynamic 'Freak Controller' graced record store shelves and the dub world in November 2009.

This special edition double CD album features the original 'Freak Controller' album plus a second disc of remixes.

Tracks on the 'Freak Controller Madness' double disc feature new remixes from the band and DJ Digital, plus selections from their Freak Local EP and Outa Control discs.

Disc 1:
1. Restless Soul
2. Up And Running
3. Ryhthm & Pattern
4. Dub Shakes
5. Wisdom By Default
6. Freak Local
7. Walk Into Your Mind
8. Bombastic
9. Untangling
10. Deep In Southland

Disc 2:
1. Madness (Freak Local EP mix)
2. That's what I Want (Freak Controller outa control disc)
3. Dub Cakes (after dinner mix)
4. Bungle Fun (Freak Controller outa contol disc)
5. Dope Funk Manoova (Freak Controller outa control disc)
6. Untangling (DJ Digital remix)
7. Ding Megal (Freak Local EP)
8. Up and Running (Dj Digital+Morphy remix)
9. Freak Local dangly wolf dub mix (Dj Mant excursion)
10. Clicking Tock (Freak Local EP mix)

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