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BlertaThe Return Trip.....

Out of print cd in excellent condition

BLERTA stands for: the Bruno Lawrence Electric and Travelling Apparition and featured many Kiwi artists and actors including Beaver and Ian Watkin. The Blerta Band played and toured New Zealand and Australia for about 5 years in the early 1970s. They performed at festivals both here and in Australia for adults and children alike, they even had their own TV show as well as releasing 2 albums and a dozen singles.

In 2001 a CD was released to accompany the movie "Blerta The Return Trip". It contains a number of single and album tracks from their early releases.

Track Listing:

1 hullo hullo
2 dance all round the world
3 freedom st. marys
4 joy joy
5 wild man
6 10"
7 superman
8 bankman
9 simple man
10 this is the life
11 country girl
12 drugs
13 wayside chapel
14 hit us with the truth
15 thinking of you
16 bicycle song
17 alice's wonderland
18 new plymouth rock
19 organism
20 blackbird
21 goodbye

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