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ChandeliersSpace! Surf! Exotica!

Please note!This is a Kato Music release and is issued as a CD-R by Kato Music.Mr Kato writes....

Birthed outta the demise of the Side Effects, with both Side Effects guitarists AWOL, the rhythm section and keyboard player, Trevlac, Segue and the Captain respectively, decided an absence of six strings was no obstacle to pursuing a healthy career in the darker world of surf. Trawling thru the horror/sci-fi theme archives, a new plan of attack was drawn up, musical interludes conceived to fit any context, lounge bar, cafe, ferry or a pub of crazed subscribers to the Chandelier sound....low key brooding and suspenseful stalkers to swirling madman tangos, the tempos and intensity matched to each occasion...the hours spent in a musical twilight zone, and notched into the respective belts of each Chandelier, must surely now total several hundred...they are veterans, nay seasoned caretakers to endangered sounds.... have toured the breadth of the land several times now... with more maniacal mayhem always planned...

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