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Split EnzSecond Thoughts (digipack)

Out of print 9 track limited digipack remaster released July 2006.Originally released in 1976 and recorded in London featuring both Tim Finn and Phil Judd.CD includes re recorded versions of 4 songs from Mental Notes,this time produced by Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music).


  1. Late Last Night(Judd)
  2. Walking Down a Road (Finn/Judd) (ALTERNATE VERSION)
  3. Titus (Judd) (ALTERNATE VERSION)
  4. Lovey Dovey (Finn/Judd)
  5. Sweet Dreams (Judd)
  6. Stranger Than Fiction (Finn/Judd) (ALTERNATE VERSION)
  7. Time for a Change (Judd) (ALTERNATE VERSION)
  8. Matinee Idyll (129) (Finn/Judd)
  9. The Woman Who Loves You (Finn/Judd)

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