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Che-FuHi Score- Best of

2006 released greatest hits from New Zealand Hip Hop icon Che-Fu plus new material.

‘Hi-Score:The Best Of Che-Fu’ features singles from Che’s three solo albums - ‘2b S.Pacific’, ‘Navigator’, & ‘Beneath The Radar’ plus four new tracks.

Che-fu was a founding member of legendary New Zealand band Supergroove. Responsible for a string of what have gone on to become classic Kiwi anthems, Supergroove generated a staggering 6 Top 10 hits throughout the 90s.
Che’s debut solo album ‘2b S.Pacific’ was released in 1997. It launched 4 Top 10 singles (‘Chains’,‘Scene III’, ‘Without A Doubt’ and ‘Waka’), charted at #1, and sold 2 x Platinum - a landmark for a local urban record at the time. In 2001, Che released the follow-up album ‘Navigator’. ‘Navigator’ debuted at #1 and stayed there for 3 successive weeks, going on to generate close to 4 x platinum in sales.


1. Chains
2. Misty Frequencies
3. Waka
4. Random
5. Lightwork
6. Without A Doubt
7. Fade Away
8. Mysterious Vibe
9. Hold Tight
10. True Balance
11. Rain On The Roof
12. Scene III
13. Get Up Stand Up
14. Machine Talk

Extra Credit – the new tracks:
15. Supa Doopa - featuring Flowz
16. Spin 1 – featuring Aaradhna
17. Replay – featuring Hazaduz
18. Chains Reloaded – featuring Savage, Produced by P-Money

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