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Kilgour ,DavidThe Far Now

David's 2007 album was recorded in his hometown of Dunedin with the Heavy Eights and is an interesting musical progression for David. He includes strings and other interesting instruments he hasn't previously used, as well as the rich backing vocals of Anji Sami. Over all the album is a further refinement of the 1960s sound he is already known for . From the Clean through to his six solo album's David has a career spanning (just over) 25 years. Outside of New Zealand David is perhaps one of New Zealand's more influential artists, The Clean and his solo work has been cited by the likes Pavement, Calexico, Lambchop and Yo La Tengo as having an important influence on their music.

The Far Now comes with a limited edition Australasian only Bonus Disc called Orange Feathers which contains 2 out-takes as well as selected tracks from David's two previous solo albums (A Feather in the Engine and Frozen Orange)

Disc 1:
1. Sun Of God
2. BBC World
3. Under Cloud
4. Yenisei
5. Wave Of Love
6. On Your Own
7. I'm Gonna Get Better Lately
8. I Cut My Heart Out Once
9. We Really Can't Get Along
10. Too Long From Me
11. Donna & Jeff
12. Out Of the Moment

Disc 2 :
1.Todays is gonna be mine
2.The Perfect Watch
3.All the rest
4.Sept 98
5.Gold in Sound
7.A Head full of Rolling Stones
8.Blue Sky
9.When you come back down(Far Now outtake)
10.Suede Coat (Far Now outtake)

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