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MinisnapBounce around

Minisnap features Kaye Woodward alongside fellow Bats, Paul Kean and Malcolm Grant, plus Marcus Winstanley from The Undercurrents.
Minisnap has had strong character since inception, evolving from a 2-piece with mostly looped rhythm tracks to a 3-piece (In My Pocket EP from 02 and March Hare from 04), and now to a 4-piece for Bounce Around.
Pure melodic vocals are accompanied by layers of guitars and occasional keyboards, resulting in a rich, bright production. Alongside upbeat pop, there's a bit of loping, chugging and shuffling, resulting in a rewarding listen. 'Bounce Around' was mostly recorded, mixed and mastered by Paul Kean at Pocket Music's little home studio. The cover artwork is from a print by Michael Morley (The Dead C).

1. New Broom
2. Leave It To You
3. Innocent
4. Wintersweet
5. In The Morning
6. Rehash
7. Crooked Mile
8. Big Blue Sky
9. In A Dream
10. Coppice
11. Fred's Song
12. A Walk In The Dark

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