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Ryan McPhun and The Ruby SunsSea Lion

"ůsparkling multi-layered sunshine popů" - Uncut
The Ruby Suns are 24-year-old lead singer / songwriter and Californian expat Ryan McPhun, plus NZ natives Amee Robinson and Imogen Taylor. They released their self-titled debut in '05 and followed it with the strictly limited edition Lichen Ears EP late in '07.
Now, they present their second full-length album: 'Sea Lion' bursts with summery pop tunes and exotic sounds, with a dizzying breadth of musical styles from African and Polynesia folk music to 80s synth pop.
While the first album's musical hat was firmly tilted towards The Beach Boys, 'Sea Lion' goes walkabout with a rucksack full of ideas, revealing a joy for the natural world that'd put Attenborough to shame.

1. Blue Penguin
2. Oh, Mojave
3. Tane Mahuta
4. There Are Birds
5. It's Mwangi In Front Of Me
6. Remember
7. Ole Rinka
8. Adventure Tour
9. Kenya Dig It?
10. Morning Sun

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