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Various ArtistsHere come the Kiwi Girls (the Sixties)

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A collection of mostly previously uncompiled tracks from 1964 – 1969 sung by New Zealand female singers, including a selection of original radio ads of the time.
Superbly detailed 16-page booklet with notes & pics – also includes a brief 4-page 1960’s New Zealand fashion portfolio.
Includes a previously unreleased version of Allison Durbin’s hit ‘ I Have Loved Me A Man’.

Track Listing

1.Sandy Edmonds – When You Walk In The Room
2.Allison Durbin – Don’t Come Any Closer
3.The Chicks – The Rebel Kind
4.Gwynn Owen – That’s Where Happiness Began
5.Dinah Lee – Sorry Mama
6.Yolande Gibson – Hush
7.Maria Dallas – Ambush
8.Gwynn Owen – Hard Lovin’ Loser
9.Sandy Edmonds – Come & See Me
10.Clevedonaires – He’s Ready
11.Allison Durbin – Golden Days
12.Allison Durbin – Jet Girld (Radio ad)
13.The Chicks – What Am I Doing Here With You
14.Sandy Edmonds – Daylight Saving Time
15.Shevelles – Beat The Clock
16.Lynne Pike – The Colour Of Crimson
17.The Chicks – A Long Time Comin’
18.Fair Sect – The Rattler
19.Dinah Lee – Cling’s The Film (radio ad)
20.Dinah Lee – Reet Petite
21.Yolande Gibson – Baby What I Mean
22.Dinah Lee – I’ll Forgive You, Then Forget You
23.Allison Durbin – I Have Loved Me A Man (previously unreleased alternative version)
24.The Chicks – Jandals (radio ad)
25.Fair Sect Plus One – Mohair Sam
26.Sandy Edmonds – I Love Onions
27.Glendelles – Sally Go Round The Roses
28.The Chicks – The Hucklebuck
29.Dinah Lee – The Bluebeat
30.Cathy Howe – He’s My Boy
31.Rochelle Vinsen – I Wanna Swim With Him
32.Rochelle Vinsen & The Pleasers – Gin Gin Ginger (radio ad)
33.Fair Sect Plus One – I Love How You Love Me
34.The Chicks – Stoney End

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