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Various ArtistsA Day in my Minds Mind vol 3

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Volume 3 of the wonderful Day in my Mind's Mind series is issued July 7 2008 ,complete with the usual high quality liner notes and historic photos. Featuring some very hard to find classics ,this is an essential and beautifully presented piece of New Zealand music History.

1 larryís rebels-halloween
2 la de daís-thank you for the flowers
3 the dedikation-greenburg, glickstein,charles, david smith and jones
4 shane and quincy conserve-san francisco girls*
5 retaliation-morning dew
6 the rebels-passing you by
7 the smoke-never trust a woman
8 house of nimrod-ragged patch**
9 bruno-mandy jones
10 the avengers-love hate revenge
11 timberjack-come to the sabbat
12 salvation-the magic forest*
13 human instinct-pink dawn
14 fourmyula-alice is there
15 the music convention-green
16 roger skinner &the motivation-whatís the use?
17 no 1 conversation piece-i canít find a way
18 tom thumb-if i were a carpenter
19 the dave miller set-someone is sure to
20 ray columbus and the art collection-snap, crackle, pop
21 house of nimrod-reflections of our time
22 the simple image-spinning spinning spinning
23 the gremlins-kingsforth hemmingseem
24 hi revving tongues-youíll find me anywhere
25 bruno-i donít care
26 the smoke-control your love
27 the avengers-daniel the postman
28 timberjack-epilogue

*Previously Unreleased **Previously Unreleased Stereo Mix

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