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Ponsonby DC'sThatís What all the Girls Say

Twenty years after they were last in a studio together, The Ponsonby DCs have returned with a triumphant collection of their trademark quirky and insightful songs entitled ďThatís What all the Girls SayĒ. Kicking off with a secular gospel song that connects the dots between 9/11, the extinction of the dinosaurs, Hurricane Katrina and Plutoís demotion from planetary status, The Ponsonby DCs romp through an astonishing array of styles with their customary breezy nonchalance. Who said the second album is difficult? Not to these guys!
Those who know the bandís critically acclaimed classic first album, The Ponsonby DCs, will be fascinated to hear what has changed and what hasnít over the long hiatus. Well, the line-up is the same except for the addition of vocalist Pete Evans who co-wrote some of the material with front man Gavin Buxton. The authentic New Zealand vernacular sound of the band is the same. It couldnít be anyone else, mate. The production is bigger and better than before with the advent of digital technology but the band has opted to record in analogue and then mix digitally to get the best of both worlds. The scope of the album is reminiscent of the Beatles White Album, with everything from hooky pop songs to an extended psychedelic guitar work-out and some industrial experimentation with sampling and electronic sound effects.
The driving force behind the Ponsonby DCs, bassist, guitarist and producer Keith Dion returned from his hometown of San Francisco to New Zealand to co-produce this project with Gavin Buxton and once again the pair have pulled off a major coup.

Audio samples available at http://www.arielpublicity.net/clients/2467

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