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Various ArtistsFeel the Eel!

Eelman Records had a strong presence in the 1980s,recording and releasing music from a roster of Wellington based artists including The Rodents, The Hulamen, Tombolas, The Holidaymakers, The Economic Wizards, The Ranchsliders, The Spines, The Preservatives , Bill Lake & The Living Daylights, Bill Lake & Rick Bryant.
Bands like the Hulamen and Bill Lake received extensive student radio exposure with their blend of white funk and soul.

Track listing:
The Hulamen - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
The Hulamen - Beer & Skittles
The Hulamen - Working For A Living
The Hulamen - Underground
The Pelicans - Down To The River
The Pelicans - Banana Dominion
Andrew "Clyde" Clouston - The Bag
The Pelicans - Krazy Legs
The Pelicans - Working
The Economic Wizards - Pakuranga Girl
The Tombolas - Glad To Gladiate
The Tombolas - Vandalised
The Tombolas - Nova Bossa
The Living Daylights - Whatcha Gonna Do
The Living Daylights - You've Got My Number
John Niland - From The Boatshed

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