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Gamble ,HammondNinety Mile Days

'Ninety Mile Days' is a 2008 collection of all-new originals covering the electrifying gamut of Gamble's styles, from McCartney-esque pop songs in "Memory No.1" through gentle soulful ballads "I Had a Dream" to full-blooded blues rock songs ("It's Been Too Long"), ringing with Gamble's lead guitar.
With definite touches of Gamble's life in New Zealand as told by Hammond , 'Ninety Mile Days' is "a little story that looks back at a time spent at Ahipara up north in the mid seventies. Susan and I went back recently to get some photos for the cover. A few of the songs I wrote a long time ago and never recorded. I used to do "For the First Time" over 30 years ago, although I've changed the words and the great Midge Marsden used a version of "Strangers Girl" for his 'Burning Rain' epic in 1990" he adds.
The album was once again produced by Rikki Morris, who also plays guitar. "Rikki had this idea of recording the rhythm tracks in the old theatre in Devonport and it sounded like an interesting idea, so he dragged all his gear down there, set up and we were away!" says Hammond. Both personal and reflective, Hammond fine tunes his craftsmanship on 'Ninety Mile Days'.

1. I Had A Dream
2. Ninety Mile Days
3. It's Been Too Long
4. You Cheated Me
5. Memory No.1
6. Back Where I Belong
7. Is This The Last Time
8. Waiting For Rain
9. For The First Time
10. Madeleine
11. Strangers Girl
12. I'll Look Over My Shoulder

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