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Originally from New Zealand, but now an inhabitant of the UK, the story of Pip Brown and the birth of Ladyhawke veers off on numerous tangents but her passion for music and her dogged pursuit of this are apparent throughout.
With this, her self titled debut album, Pip's story looks set to evolve at a pace from here on in. Loaded with evocative '80s sounds and pop gems right the way through, the album features numerous outstanding tracks, such as "Back of the Van" and "My Delirium". Both of which are sure to follow in the footsteps of first single "Paris is Burning", which has received rapturous applause from critics and fans alike.

1. Magic
2. Manipulating Woman
3. My Delirium
4. Better Than Sunday
5. Another Runaway
6. Love Dont Live Here
7. Back of The Van
8. Paris Is Burning
9. Professional Suicide
10. Dusk Till Dawn
11. Crazy World
12. Morning Dreams

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