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Haines ,NathanMusic for Cocktail Lovers

'Music for Cocktail Lovers' features interpretations of tracks from Herbie Hancock, Nina Simone, Zero 7, Saint Germain, Joni Mitchell, Pharrell Williams and more, as well as "Thorne Bay Bossa" -- a new Nathan Haines original composition - all housed in a deluxe dvd size card long box.

 'Music for Cocktail Lovers' is Nathan Haines first album where he has taken the role of producer as well as performer. It was recorded and mixed at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios and mastered in Los Angeles.

Nathan has produced exceptional versions of "Court & Spark", a classic Joni Mitchell track from the '70s, "Feelin' Good", another classic Nina Simone track, "Pont Des Arts", a track written by Saint Germain, and "Frontin'", originally by Pharrell Williams but more recently made famous by Jamie Cullum, along with a beautiful rendition of "Give It Away" the Zero 7 track which includes live strings and "Chan's Song" from the movie 'Around Midnight', written by Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock.

1. Cocktails
2. Thorne Bay Bossa
3. Give It Away
4. International Flight
5. Poinciana
6. Chans Song
7. Brazil
8. Feelin' Good
9. Pont Des Arts
10. Court & Spark
11. O Sapo
12. Frontin'

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