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Mint Chicks ,theScreens

The Mint Chicks are back with their follow up to the award-winning 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!'. Ecstatic hooks and melodies are interwoven with the band's signature sonic adventurousness, while The Mint Chicks' rather unique world view characterises the tone of 'Screens'.
 With a refined musical approach and creative escalation of songwriting ideas, 'Screens' is a new phase Mint Chicks album and another milestone in a consistently-surprising journey.

"We made this record for creepy teenaged girls with one glass eye..."
- Ruban Nielson

Their last album 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!' won 5 awards at the 2007 NZ Music Awards -- "Album of the Year", "Best Group", "Best Rock Album", "Best Music Video" and "Best Album Cover".

1. Red, White or Blue
2. 2010
3. Hot On Your Heels
4. Don't Sell Your Brain Out, Baby
5. I Can't Stop Being Foolish
6. What A Way
7. Screens
8. Sweet Janine
9. Telephone
10. Enemies
11. Life Will Get Better Some Day

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