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Various ArtistsPagan Gold

Independent label Pagan Records was established in 1985 and achieved great success during the 1990s across many genres.

Pagan Gold features the best of Pagans singles including 4 number one Hits and some of the label's finest moments.

1. One Good Reason- Strawpeople
2. Sweet Lovers- Holidaymakers
3. Glad I'm Not a Kennedy- Shona Laing
4. Game of Love- Tex Pistols
5. I Can't Live- Smokeshop
6. Give Me Your Number- Ardijah
7. U Know I Like It-Merenia
8. What's the Time Mr Wolf?-Southside of Bombay
9. Tears on My Pillow- Parker Project
10. Nobody Else-Rikki Morris
11. Isabelle- Greg Johnson
12. Swerve-Ted Brown
13. Blue Skies- Al Hunter
14. Maureen- The Warratahs
15. Hoochie Coochie Man- Paul Ubana Jones
16. Late Last Night- Bluespeak
17. Chinese- Billy T James
18. Australia- Billy T James
19. Caucasians & Other People- Billy T James

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