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Kora! Kora! Kora! Is a cut-up and clubbed-to-pieces collage of key cuts from the platinum-selling debut album by the dub-rock phenomenon Kora,forged in Sheffield, England by the legendary electronic pioneers Cabaret Voltaire.The British press have been unanimous in declaring this album an unequivocal, surrealist masterpiece.
 This is the first new work from The Cabs in more than 15 years and it offers up a refreshing re-approach to the cutting edge retro sounds that glut the commercial radio and TV stations today. Their nod to the past exists through their production style and fondness for the Dada
movement. Re-ordering cut up pieces of music into their own order and theme.
 Richard H Kirk, Cabaret Voltaire's originator , saw Kora live, was completely gob-smacked by the sheer intensity of the Kora show and immediately offered to apply the Cabaret Voltaire effect. Present throughout, he re-works the mechanical, almost tribal drum, spacey keys and a sense of the hypnotic that popularised the purveyors of 'dark dance music'.
"New Zealand dub rockers get a Steel City makeover.It has all the signs of Kirk dusting down the old chassis. Backing tracks are all but obliterated, replaced by cold horns and digital dub, while Kora's soulful vocals are looped out into ghostly, blanched echoes.... More chilly than chilled." - UNCUT

"The harmony vocals of the Kora brothers acquire a genuinely plaintive quality and Kirk ratchets up this sense of dislocation with devilish glee.... "Burning" is a sparse, spasmodic loop which folds synthetic horns to its chilly bosom and gradually acquires a bleak but riveting intensity. "Flow" redeems with queasy, gritty synths, deliberately lurching sub-bass and slowly oscillating sirens. There is method in this madness" - THE WIRE

1. Skankenstein
2. Pop Your Bubble
3. Flow
4. On My Mind
5. Burning
6. Crazy Things
7. Burning Reprise

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