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Stevens, FrankieSingles Collection 1968-78

Great cd compilation from the legendary Frankie Stevens. Stevens recorded a slew of records in the UK for many major labels in the 1970s including Decca, Mam, CBS, Polydor & Magnet, all of which are included on this CD.
 Frankie's professional career began at the age of 16 when he moved to Sydney, Australia in 1966. At the same time as Frankie went to Australia, another New Zealand group was doing the same. They were Peter Nelson and the Castaways and following the groups arrival in Australia, Peter Nelson left them to find fame as a solo artist. Peter was replaced by new vocalist  Frankie Stevens, and they changed their name to the Castaways.
 After a couple of years of touring Australia and New Zealand, he left the group to try his luck as a solo artist.The first song he released was "My Elusive Dreams"/"Everything I Am" on Columbia in late 1969. "My Elusive Dreams" became a major New Zealand hit.
 In 1970, Frankie moved to London where he was signed to MAM Records by Gordon Mills,who managed Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck.His first paid work in the UK was recording demos for Tom Jones.
 Frankie also became something of a minor sensation winning the talent show ‘Opportunity Knocks’ six times in a row. He sang at both The Palladium and Albert Hall, the latter being one of the high peaks of his career. While in London, he represented Great Britain in several song contests, winning the Silver Prize in the Second Tokyo Music Festival, the Bronze Medal in Caracas Venezuela, and the Gold Medal at the Golden Orpheus Song Festival in Bulgaria. Frankie Stevens was the first singer from outside the eastern block to win this coveted prize.
 Throughout the 1970s Frankie toured Europe,Japan,Hawaii (appearing in Hawaii Five-O) ,U.S.A and Canada.He continued recording for various labels and appearing with artists including Olivia NewtonJohn, Shirley Bassey, Milton Berle, Sammy Davis Jr.
 This cd compilation provides a great overview ,with detailed liner notes and photos.

1. Angelica
2. Baby What I Mean
3. Any Little Bit
4. Love Is A Hurtin Thing
5. My Elusive Reams
6. Everything I Am
7. I'll Be Home In About A Day Or So
8. Your'e Such A Good Looking Woman
9. Take Advantage Of Me
10. Leave The World Alone
11. If
12. Sandy Sandy
13. If You Add All The Love In The World
14. She's Gone
15. Wrap Your Love Around Me
16. Vanilla O'lay
17. I Feel Love Coming On
18. I Believe
19. Shola
20. Loving You Ain't Easy
21. Carey
22. Rescue Me
23. There She Goes Again
24. My Thanks To You
25. Come On And Rock Me
26. Dancing In The Moonlight
27. I Can Understand It

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