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TaniwhaSnap Happy

Taniwha comprises singer/songwriters Hinemoana Baker and Christine White, who have both previously recorded successful solo albums.  "Snap Happy" features intimate alt country ballads, hooky pop songs and laid-back Maori language reggae.  There is even some folktronica flavours courtesy of their Casiotone MT-65 and an entirley new instrument made out of a Black & Decker workbench !
Amongst other descriptions, Taniwha is defined in the Dictionary Of Maori Language as "A bold poetic figure" and "Snap Happy" certainly delivers bold, poetic sounds ....
1.  Happy
2.  Not Yet
3.  He Niho
4.  Day After
5.  I Can Run
6.  Deep Down
7.  He Tuahine
8.  Dumb White Girl
9.  Get Back Home
10. Rest Home
11. Island
12. Beautiful Thing
Taniwha performed to enthusiastic audiences at 2009 WOMAD Taranaki . 

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