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3DS The Venus Trail

The second album from the 3ds,originally released 1993.

Formed in mid-1988, the New Zealand noise pop band 3D's comprised vocalist/guitarist David Saunders, bassist Denise Roughan (formerly of Look Blue Go Purple, and author of that group's big hit "Cactus Cat"), and ex-Snapper drummer Dominic Stones. By the time 3D's made their live debut later in the year, their ranks also included guitarist David Mitchell.

1. Hey Suess
2. Philadelphia Rising
3. Cash None
4. The Golden Grove
5. The Venus Trail
6. Beautiful Things
7. Man on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
8. Jane Air
9. The Young and the Restless
10. Summer Stone
11. Ice
12. Spooky

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