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Flesh D-ViceFlaming Soul

Flesh D-Vice formed in 1982 and quickly gained themselves a large following in the punk and boot-boy scene.Songs like “Friday Nights (are for fighting)” became anthems within the new Wellington Oi scene and their heavy boot-boy following often led to violence at gigs with the band gaining a reputation that had them banned from a number of local venues.
“Flaming Soul” is the first time Flesh D-Vice recordings have appeared on CD.  The 35 tracks include cuts from all of their three albums, 12” single, 10” single and three 7” singles plus all 11 songs from the album “Dead Cat Juice” that was licensed to, but never released by, the famous Roadrunner label. This CD features the immortal single Flaming Soul that was later covered by Shihad as a tribute to their manager Gerald Dwyer, the lead singer and driving force behind Flesh D-Vice...

 This double CD is lavishly packaged with the 16-page booklet containing complete discography, photos of band and reviews.

Disc 1 -
Baby Of My Mind
Friday Nights
Color Me gone
The Warning
Death Museum
Some Bloodstained Morning
Invisible Man
Billy Shakes
The Heart Of Pain
Strange TV
Legend Of Lugosi
Flaming Soul
Jelly Babies
Insanity Zone

Disc 2-
Science Faction
Hamburger II
When The Levee Breaks
All My Sins
Long Road To The Abyss
Where The Wild Things Roam
Stranger In Town
Crimson Ocean
Wolves Story
Dead Cat Juice
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Zombie Wipeout
Darker Side Of Life
Suicide City
The Stranger
Even Stranger
Blood Smell At Ed's

Some Bloodstained Morning via youtube -

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