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Various ArtistsKiwi Rock volume 2

Out of print used item in excellent condition

Double cd with 36 tracks drawn from the 1980s and early 1990s.

Disc 1:
1 Tears (The Crocodiles)
2 Bliss (Th' Dudes)
3 People (Misex)
4 History Never Repeats (Split Enz)
5 It Ain't What You Dance (The Swingers)
6 See Me Go (The Screaming Meemees)
7 No Depression in New Zealand (Blam Blam Blam)
8 French Letter (Herbs)
9 Heart and Soul (The Narcs)
10 Magic (What She Do) (DD Smash)
11 One Black Friday (The Mockers)
12 Nobody Else (Tex Pistol and Rikki Morris)
13 Parihaka (Tim Finn and Herbs)
14 She's A Mod (Double J and Twice the T/Ray Columbus)
15 Free Ride (When the Cat's Away)
16 Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night) (Margaret Urlich)
17 Show No Mercy (Mark Williams)
18 To Sir With Love (Ngaire)

Disc 2:
1 Trippin' (Push Push)
2 Why Does Love Do This To Me (The Exponents)
3 Black Pearl (Moana And The Moa Hunters)
4 Cruise Control (Headless Chickens)
5 Tears on My Pillow (The Parker Project)
6 Break in the Weather (Jenny Morris)
7 Weather With You (Crowded House)
8 Nature (The Mutton Birds)
9 See What Love Can Do (Annie Crummer)
10 Persuasion (Tim Finn)
11 The Beautiful Things (The Front Lawn)
12 There's a Blue Sky (Al Hunter)
13 Isabelle (The Greg Johnson Set)
14 What's the Time Mr Wolf (Southside of Bombay)
15 Message to My Girl (Purest Form)
16 Greenstone (Emma Paki)
17 New Tattoo (Hello Sailor)
18 Fly Girl (Kulcha)

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