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Meehan ,NormanSun Moon Stars Rain

Pianist Norman Meehan is a New Zealand jazz icon. An active professional jazz pianist, Norman has performed original music at festivals and in concerts around New Zealand, and on radio for Concert FM. His last album Modigliani (released through Ode) was a nominee in the 2008 New Zealand Jazz Awards.
 This album, inspired by the poetry of E.E. Cummings, composed by New Zealand pianist Norman Meehan, breaks new territory for Norman and his collaborators. Joining Norman are Colin Hemmingsen (reeds), Nick van Dijk (trumpet) and vocalist extraordinaire, Hannah Griffin. Delicate, spacious, melodic, this is music of rare beauty.  Six of the pieces are songs; the other six are instrumental variations inspired by Cummings' words. Because there is no rhythm section, the music is very open and spacious, leaving room for the individual voices to stretch out and explore - and for the listener to enter into the performances.
 This is a case of music and poems coming together perfectly. It is music - pure and simple.
"Using a carefully chosen palette of solo instrumental colors to complement the sublime vocals of Hannah Griffin, Norman Meehan has created a series of stunning settings for the poetry of E.E. Cummings. An outstanding production on every level."
Mike Nock

Cd is housed in deluxe book style card packaging.

1. midnight
2. stillness
3. who are you, little I?
4. sun
5. tumbling hair
6. the sky was candy
7. pretty how town
8. stars
9. moon
10. in time of daffodils
11. rain
12. waking

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