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Pascoe ,AnnBest of

Some have described Ann Pascoe as the one of the best country singers currently within the New Zealand shores. She is certainly an authentic country girl who was born on a back country sheep farm.

“I started writing songs and wanted someone to sing them, but nobody seemed keen. I thought I should do them myself,” she says. She took singing lessons and learned the basics of singing, then stylised to country music.

Currently her name figures as an independent artist on the world wide country music radio playlists.

1. Land of the Long White Cloud   (Guillemot)                   
2. It Ain't That Way    (Ownbey)  
3. Broken Hearts Will Slowly Mend (Payne)
4. Cryin' For Their Mamas   (Kemp)  
5. Don't Touch Me      (Cochrane) 
6. Treat Me Like a Lady (Richardson/Ownbey/Hartwell)
7. Drop of a Tear   (Portilla)                              
8. Winds of October  (Fjellgaard)                        
9. Misty Morning Memories  (Ownbey)  
10. On the Menu    (Pascoe)                     
11. I'm Doing Fine   (Ownbey)                 
12. Nobody Likes a Smart Ass (Poythress/Varble)    

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