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Hanlon ,JohnJust Quietly

At least two generations of New Zealanders have been born since John Hanlon was a regular feature on our airwaves. Those old enough to remember him will recall songs like the iconic protest Damn the Dam, the soaring melody of Higher Trails and jaunty pop beat of Lovely Lady.
 True fans would be aware that he dominated New Zealand’s Record Awards during the mid 70s collecting Album of Year and Songwriter of the Year awards three years in succession. A feat never achieved by any other artist before or since.
 After an absence of over 25 years John is back with a new album and a new sound. As the title suggests the songs are quiet and reflective and generally sparse in arrangement and relaxed in delivery. The songs do not shout and stomp and demand attention. Instead they creep up on you, seduce you and lodge in your brain.

1. Dancing Girls
2. Words You Never Said
3. I Had To Walk Away
4. Chocolates And Roses
5. I Do
6. Playing It By Heart
7. Was It Me, Was It you?
8. Get Up And Dance
9. Concerning Sue
10. She's The One
11. Two Angels
12. Sandy

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