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Tiki TaaneFlux

2009 release featuring remixes by some of Tiki's favorite producers -- including Overproof Sound System, DJ Digital, Mosus & Zero T, Antiform, State of Mind, Pitch Black, Sambora, Pacific Heights Trei, Oogun - this release takes the critically acclaimed 'Past Present Future' to another level.

Compiled and mixed by Tiki.

1. David Lange You Da Bomb (Tiki Taane
2. Our Favourite Target (Pacific Heights Remix)
3. Burning Fire (Oogun Remix)
4. It's All In Your Head (Dutty Ranks Remix)
5. Tangaroa (Razorgang Remix)
6. Dub Soldier (Tiki Taane)
7. Our Favourite Target (Antiform Remix)
8. Wotcha Got (Teknik Remix)
9. Our Favourite Target (Trei Remix)
10. Now This Is It (State Of Mind Remix)
11. Tangaroa (Sambora Remix)
12. Always On My Mind (Mosus & Zero T Remix)
13. Music Has Saved Me (Overproof Sound Sytem Remix)
14. Faded (Digital Remix)
15. Sleep Whisperer (Pitch Black)

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