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Head Like a HoleThe Devil makes work for idle hands

2009 'Best of' collection from one of NZ's most legendary low down, dirty, skanky rock groups of all time.HLAH emerged in the 1990s and released 5 albums before calling it a day.This 2009 release coincides with a New Zealand reunion tour.

From early live anthems such as "Faster Hooves" and "Spanish Goat Dancer", through "Cornbag", "Comfortably Shagged", "I'm on Fire", "Hootenanny" and even grubby ol' "Wet Rubber" and "Top Heavy", no stone is left unturned.
The twenty tracks found on 'The Devil Makes Work for Idle Hands' serve as cold, hard proof that though these guys never took themselves seriously, they recorded some of the most fun rock music ever heard.

1. Chalkface
2. Comfortably Shagged
3. Mr Bastard
4. Fish Across Face
5. Sleazebadge
6. Faster Hooves
7. Cornbag
8. Chevrolet
9. Nevermind Today
10. Maharajah
11. I'm On Fire
12. Doctors And Nurses
13. Top Heavy
14. Wallow
15. Spanish Goat Dancer
16. Keith
17. Crying Shame
18. Wet Rubber
19. Hootenanny
20. Air
21. Velvet Kushion

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