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VerlainesCorporate Moronic

Released July 15th 2009 - a brand new Verlaines album.

"All Verlaines is great, so's the Downes solo album . All great, all great. To further clarify my position on this I would just like to say here that everything Graeme Downes writes is great, and to resolve any ambiguity in that statement, I would like to restate it using slightly different phrasing: all Graeme Downes is great."† John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats)
"The roadside is littered with thousands of rock and roll bands that nobody's heard, and for most of us, that's probably a good thing. The fact is a lot of bands don't deserve to be heard in the first place. But every once in a while you find in the assorted debris a special band that works so tirelessly, creates works of such enormous and lasting value, and yet is so routinely ignored that you can only shake your head at the fickle vagaries of the music world..." - David Fisher, on the Verlaines, Filler magazine 1999

1. Paratai Drive 4.20
2. The Situation is Hopeless (not serious) 3.50
3. Paraphrasing Hitler 3.35
4. The Way I Love You 3.09
5. Wanting 2.23
6. In Limbo 3.17
7. Socrates for a day (then Iíll go quietly) 3.51
8. They that once were eager fellas 3.29
9. Oh yeah, All right 2.32
10. Forever and a day 3.21
11. Tomorrow without you 4.49
12. The Chosen People 4.01
13. Rootless Cosmopolitan 4.57

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