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Bear CatXiong Mao

Auckland band Bear Cat has been working hard at being the best panda pop band in the universe. At the moment this has been pretty easy because they are the only panda pop band in the universe. Formed by Chopper Dan and Jocee Tuck in 2006, Bear Cat have grown from bedroom pop origins to play shows with the likes of Chicago's acclaimed Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens labelmate Halfhanded Cloud and Brooklyns Matt & Kim. And now they're releasing an album called Xiong Mao, which literally means 'Bear Cat' in Chinese. It features eight pop songs about pandas self produced and recorded with friend Dave Parker in their bedrooms. After a two year on and off recording period, Xiong Mao's track list encompasses casiotones, Hammond organ, saxophone, violins, trumpets, triangle, omnichord,typewriter, melodihorn,harmonica, glockenspiel and more.
 With such stirring ideas, melodies and instruments it's surely not too long before there is a revolution in the music world. Pretty soon there will be literally millions of panda pop bands, at which point Bear Cat are planning to start playing panda metal.

1. B/W Hair
2. Panda I Love You
3. Red Panda Blues
4. New Zealand Adopt This Panda
5. City Beat
6. Picture
7. You Must Escape
8. Set, Set, Set My Eyes On Fire

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