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Various ArtistsTraditional Music of the Maori

Traditional music of the Maori - an Historical collection

Performers - The Rangitira Maori Opera Group, Turakina Maori Girls' College Choir, Hannah Tatana, Mrs Paeroa Wineera & the Ohinemutu Culture Group.

The Rangatira Maori Opera Group consisting of Mark Metakingi, Peter Keiha, Don Selwyn, Bob Hirini, George Henare, Joshua Gardiner and Tutu Kainamu came together to perform in highly acclaimed performances of "Don Giovanni' and 11 Trovatore". Regarded by many as one of the finest ever Maori choral groups, they were brought together to perform this exciting programme under the direction of their choral director, Paul Katene, who was also responsible for the choral arrangements.
Turakina Maori Girls College Choir also feature with four items sung in their particular a capella style.
The Ohinemutu Cultural Group are one of the oldest and most highly respected of all cultural groups. Their famous TAMATEKAPUA meeting house is situated in the village of Ohinemutu on the shores of Lake Rotorua. TAMATEKAPUA features numerous magnificent carvings and is named after the captain of the great Arawa canoe which migrated to New Zealand from Hawaiki.
Mrs. Paeroa Wineera is interviewed by Doctor T. Barrow, MA, PhD (Cantab), AMA. The late Mrs. Wineera of the Ngati Toa tribe was the last exponent of her generation of the koauau-a small noseflute about 3 to 6 inches long.
Regretfully not many recordings are available of the late Hannah Tatana for she was blessed with what many regard as being the classic Maori voice. She is accompanied on this recording by her brother Dave Tatana.

1 pokarekare ana (Rangatira Maori opera group)
2 haere mai (Rangatira)
3 hei puru taitama e (Rangatira)
4 au e iwi e (Rangatira)
5 pa mai/haere ra e hine (Rangatira)
6 hoki hoki tonu mai/manurere/kia papa mai (Rangatira)
7 karu karu (Rangatira)
8 hoki mai (Rangatira)
9 toia mai te waka nei (Rangatira)
10 hei aha te taku umu (haere mai) (Rangatira)
11 oma rapiti (Rangatira)
12 matangi/po atarau (Rangatira)
13 tama ngakau marie (Turakina)
14 POI: hokihoki tonu mai/turakina matou e/e noho ata/e ata ara
15 haruru ana (Turakina)
16 tahi nei taru kino (Turakina)
17 sounds of the koauau (Wineera)
18 moe huri huri (Wineera)
19 te kotiro (Wineera)
20 haere pikare nzcds(Wineera)
21 puti puti kaneihana/manurere (Wineera)
22 rimu rimu (Tatana)
23 pakete whero (Ohinemutu)
24 huai huai (Tatana)
25 karanga (Ohinemutu)
26 taku ripene pai (Tatana)
27 haka kowiri (ohinemutu)
28 titi tourea (Ohinemutu)
29 taku patu (Tatana)
30 karakia (Ohinemutu)

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