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Morrison ,HowardThis was the Howard Morrison Quartet

2009 cd release of the first recordings by the Howard Morrison Quartet. The name was Eldred Stebbing’s idea as they had previously been touring as the Ohinemtu Quartet ,however Howard was the gregarious leader and frontman.
The first album was recorded by Eldred in Kahu's (Howard’s Mums) living room on a Grundig tape recorder which Eldred still has! The Quartet recorded 4 numbers and an EP.
 The first release in 1958 was There's Only One of You /Big Man. This was the time of transition from 78 to 45rpm and so the recordings were released on both formats. Following this was a release of Roy Roger's There’s a Goldmine in the Sky which was sped up and retitled Hoki mai. Hoki Mai was the first big success for the band and remained a crowd pleaser for their entire careers.Stebbing kept up a steady stream of recording throughout the year, culminating in the recording of The Battle of Waikato which sold 40,000 singles.Harry M Miller then signed the Quartet to his La Gloria label and that was the end of the Stebbing association.
'This Was The Howard Morrison Quartet' contains 3 recordings of Kahu Morrison and a 1961 recording of Howard's older brother Laurie and his band the Del-Kings alongside all the Stebbing recordings.

1. the battle of the Waikato
2. po kare kare ana
3. there’s only one for you
4. short fat fanny
5. marama pai
6. little darlin’
7. granada
8. hare ra e hine
9. tumbling tumble weeds
10. hoki mai
11. Hawaiian cowboy
12. glory of love
13. Marie
14. deep purple
15. big man
16. I gambled with love
17. Diana
18. on my word of honour
19. because of you
20. be mine tonight
21. goodbye baby
22. gum drop
23. you lied
24. blue shadows on the trail - Laurie Morrison with the Del-Kings
25. waiata poi - Kahu Morrison
26. home sweet home - Kahu Morrison
27. he wa wata - Kahu Morrison

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