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FangSomewhere Out There

Somewhere Out There is very different to the first Fang album (The Origin of Species), reflecting a more sparse, atmospheric, late night and cinematic sound.

Instruments used extensively include the piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, melodica, clarinet, strings, percussion and a lot of effort was put into achieving a very high standard of recording and production on the album.

"Fang have served up instead a heady crossbreed of pure pop and experimental alt rock with a wee bit of folk thrown in. Delicious." - THE PACKAGE

****"Somewhere out there is a deep and mysterious sounding album that utilises a lo-fi approach to achieve heavily layered yet delicate songs...delightfully brooding." - RIP IT UP
"Their second album is a leap into something more distinctive - a spookier, swampier, and slinky territory which makes for a satisfying album" - NZ HERALD

Man From The South
Flying Through The Stars
Anti Climax Girl
Excess Of Evil
Good Idea
Three Feet Of Snow
So Long
Last Breath Of Air

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