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Various ArtistsStebbing Zodiac-Viscount Music Vaults vol 1

From the Stebbing Zodiac-Viscount Music Vaults vol 1 is an historically important 2009 release. Featured are 34 tracks recorded from 1963 to 1966 from three very popular local acts of the time.14 page booklet has band and track details.
 Cathy Howe's career lasted just over four years (1963-1967) but during this time she was a regular performer at Ballrooms and engagements throughout the North Island. Her voice and style have been compared to that of Helen Shapiro.
 The Sierras were formed in 1963. Although the band only lasted for about two and a half years, they were one of the more prolific recording bands on the Auckland scene, all on the Viscount label.
 The Glendelles were well known around Auckland between 1963 and 1964 acting as backing singers initially to Cathy Howe and then becoming recording artists in their own right. They recorded their first record Sally Go Round The Roses and had moderate success yet disbanded soon after in 1964.
 This is the first of a planned series of collectible limited edition CD’s, produced by Gary Daverne.

Tracks 1-16 Cathy Howe
1. teenage rebel
2. Mommy & Daddy were twisting
3. then he kissed me
4. I adore him
5. keep an eye on her
6. please Mr. Postman
7. high noon
8. true love will come to you
9. meet me in St. Louis
10. easy come, easy go
11. when he comes along
12. that boy
13. yo yo love
14. he doesn’t love me
15. selfish one
16. he’s my boy

Tracks 17-30 The Sierras
17. Romeo
18. haven
19. the fall of the Roman Empire
20. tip toe
21. the crying game
22. route 66
23. now & again
24. to know her is to love her
25. stick with me baby
26. what more do you want
27. she’s the one
28. magic potion
29. wine
30. big city

Tracks 31-34 The Glendelles
31. Sally goes round the roses
32. popsicles & icicles
33. please please Daddy
34. the 4 winds & the 7 seas

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