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Dobbyn ,DaveBeside You- 30 Years of Hits

Excellent 2009 released double cd and dvd set housed in cd jewel case,includes booklet.
DVD is PAL format Region 0 (ie no region code-but you'll need a system capable of playing the PAL format).

In 1979 four former Sacred Heart College students released their debut album “Right First Time”.  Th’ Dudes first album, which featured the legendary ‘Be Mine Tonight’, was to mark the beginning of Dave Dobbyn’s illustrious recording career.
 DD Smash formed in 1981 and for five years would dominate the New Zealand charts with a procession of iconic singles, including  ‘Devil You Know’, ‘Outlook For Thursday’ and  ‘Magic (What She Do)’, along with two award winning albums ‘Cool Bananas’ and ‘The Optimist’.
Over the next 23 years Dave Dobbyn amassed multi platinum sales across 7 studio albums, live projects and greatest hits. ‘Loyal’, his most celebrated song, would be chosen by an online survey as NZ’s greatest song ever. He would go on to win more awards for songwriting than any other New Zealander including being honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by APRA.
 All this history is concisely represented on ‘Beside You’, a 39 track, retrospective double album documenting 30 years of Dave’s finest work. The newly recorded DVD covers stories from his past, archive footage, and classic videos.  

CD 1:
1. Be Mine Tonight
2. Devil You Know
3. Outlook for Thursday
4. Magic
5. Love You Like I Should
6. Whaling
7. Guilty
8. Shaky Isles
9. Beside You
10. Belle Of The Ball
11. Wild Kisses Like Rain
12. Naked Flame
13. Lap Of The Gods
14. Just Add Water
15. Maybe The Rain
16. Language
17. Loyal
18. Slice Of Heaven
19. You Oughta Be In Love
20. Welcome Home

CD 2:
1. Howling At The Moon
2. Don't Hold Your Breath
3. Lament For The Numb
4. Hanging In The Wire
5. Blindman's Bend
6. One Proud Minute
7. Keeping The Flame
8. Kingdom Come
9. Madeleine Avenue
10. Rain On Fire
11. Belltower
12. And You Will Lose Everything
13. You Got Heart
14. Only Love Remains
15. A Long Way Across Town
16. Hallelujah Song
17. I Can't Change My Name
18. It Dawned On Me
19. Pour The Wine

Th' Dudes
TVNZ Archive
On The Road
Slice Of Heaven
Mad Ave.
Te Henga
Bic Runga
Piano Man
Welcome Home

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