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Drab Doo RiffsPostcards from Uranus

The Drab Doo-Riffs are one of Auckland’s best live acts. Their sound is an electrifying mix of sci-fi surf punk and rock’n’roll and with their debut EP “Bury Me in Drab” (released 2009) sold out they now release their second EP “Postcards From Uranus”. The Drab Doo-Riffs got together in March 2008 shortly after Karl Steven (the former frontman of Supergroove) returned home from completing a PhD in philosophy at the University of Cambridge in England. While there he had been writing songs and recording them at home on a four track in his spare time. Now after 2 years of gigging and leaving bars filled with danced-to-death bodies of rock’n’roll carnage the five piece release “Postcards From Uranus”.

1. Intro
2. Hot Tanya
3. Ill Equipped
4. Trouble
5. Broke It Up
6. Gold Coin
7. Ill Equipped Assimilated

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