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Erica Miller ExperienceReconsidered

Erica Miller is a 63 year old Dunedin born and bred mother and grandmother and Reconsidered is her 2010 debut release.
Erica is Shayne Carter's (Straitjacket Fits,Dimmer) mother.

‘Reconsidered’, a collection of tunes first performed by Elvis Presley, is a true family effort being funded by husband Laurie, convened by her daughter Natasha, recorded and mixed by son-in-law Dale (Cotton), filmed and documented by her son Kris with eldest son Shayne chipping in on vocal production and harmonies.

‘Reconsidered’ features a talented and disparate collection of musicians including guitarist Tom Healy (Jen Cloher band, The Verlaines), drummer Marcel Rodeka (Mother Goose), keyboardist Aidan Fraser and saxophonist Paul Young (both from Dunedin dub/roots band Koile) as well as extra guitar and backing vocals from Shayne Carter (Dimmer/Straitjacket Fits) and solo artist Hannah Curwood.

'Yeah I'm biased but I love "Reconsidered".  I love it because it has got soul and because it's gritty and real.  Erica has waited 63 years to make this record and it shows.  The music has a resonance and a depth that a 23 year old could never create - there's a whole lifetime behind this record.  These may be cover versions but it's like the singer has lived the tunes and the truths behind them - the record becomes the one person's story and, knowing my mum, I could guess the emotional space behind nearly every song here.
 Our catchcry during recording was "No Karaoke, No Cheese" and there's none of that.  This is white person soul music straight out of Brockville.  To me it conjures up images of wandering into some dimly lit community hall in Dunedin, Saturday night sometime in the 70's, an unknown party, the whiff of fondue, echoes of "The Ice Storm", the smell of Speights rising off half stacked crates in the corner - maybe a hint of "Twin Peaks".' - Shayne Carter

1. Like A Baby
2. It Hurts Me
3. Don't
4. Long Black Limousone
5. Love Me
6. Big Boss Man
7. Stand By Me
8. Love Letters
9. Mess of Blues
10.Reconsider Baby
11.Love Me Tender

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