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Cassandra's EarsThe Cassandra's Ears Story

Both Cassandra's Ears eps compiled on 1 cd.

Cassandra's Ears was formed in 1985 at Otago University when Jan Hellriegel was asked to perform solo at a women's festival.Hellriegel enlisted several friends to play with her for moral support -and although none of them could actually play their instruments initially, they got it together in time for the festival.
Cassandra's Ears  toured nationally and eventually released two EPs, 'Private Wasteland' in 1988 and 'Your Estimation' in 1990. They also toured with the Straitjacket Fits and supported Australian bands The Johnnys and Hunters And Collectors. They played numerous music festivals and criss-crossed New Zealand countless times in the five years they were together,  disbanding in 1990.

Early in 2010 Cassandra's Ears got together for a gig and discovered that James Moss of Jayrem (which had released their two EPs) still had the master tapes. Jan Hellriegel had pursued a creditable solo career after the band broke up in 1990 and had her own label, so she had the tapes remastered for this eight-song mini album which comes with reminiscences by the various band members and a scene-setting essay by Ian Chapman who outlines the lineage of women musicians and all-women bands.

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