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Clarkson ,JeffPeace & Quiet

The Peace & Quiet double Cd collection features 18 of the most relaxing pieces of music Jeff Clarkson has composed and recorded . . . over two hours of music in total. The music of Peace & Quiet creates an excellent atmosphere for work or play, in retail or office space, for meditation or healing, this music creates a beautiful peaceful background.

Jeff Clarkson is a New Zealand composer who has released a very successful series of New Age albums. Jeff's music is attracting attention from a broad spectrum of mainstream music lovers who are discovering the powerful balancing and healing qualities his music has to offer.

Jeff Clarkson started his musical carrier in the late seventies as the lead singer of Flight X7, a popular New Zealand New Wave group.
However, in 1984, he turned his sights to the opposite end of the music spectrum. Soft instrumental music, known as "New Age" music was a big temptation to Jeff who found a music that was refreshingly different and added value to his life and to the lives of others.

1 Transformation
2 El Nido
3 Songbird
4 Enchanted Forest
5 Oasis
6 Serenade
7 Perfect Garden
8 Return To Botanica
9 Peace On Earth
10 Elan's Theme
11 Rainbow Forest
12 Still Life
13 Completion
14 Interlude
15 Dancing With Angels
16 Butterfly Swing
17 Rainbow Rhapsody
18 Atlantis

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