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2011 released Jayrem 20-track compilation of womenís music covering the period from 1983 through until 2010. It starts with Naked Spots Dance The Dance (co-composed and vocals featuring Fran Walsh), Putty In Her Handsí Mess It Up (includes later-to-become-famous film director Christine Jeffs), Freudian Slips, Cassandraís Ears, Turiiya, When The Catís Been Spayed, Charlotte Yates, Elena, Tuahine, Mahinarangi Tocker, Tyree Robertson, Big Belly Woman and Donna Muir. Poetry read by Poet Laureates Jenny Bornholdt and Michele Leggott links works by Jan Preston and Jane Devine and Hinemoana Baker and Shona Laing.

Naked Spots Dance -The Dance (1983)
Putty In Her Hands - Mess It Up
Freudian Slips- Donít Look Up (1985)
Cassandraís ears -Private Wasteland (1988)
Turiiya -Thread Of Gold (1985)
When The Catís Been Spayed -A Wing And A Prayer (1995)
Jan Preston -Tango (1995)
Jenny Bornholdt - Being A Poet (2008)
Jane Devine - Killing Time (1998)
Charlotte Yates - Red Letter (1990)
Tuahine - Toitu (1991)
Mahinarangi Tocker - When I Grow Up (2002)
Elena - Blue Smoke (2003)
Hinemoana Baker - Long Time Coming Home (2004)
Michele Leggott - Dear Heart (2009)
Shona Laing - My Love Be Still (2005)
Tyree Robertson - Miracles (2005)
Big Belly Woman - Dignity (2006)
Jordan Reyne - Karlsruhe (2004)
Donna Muir - All Fall Down (2010)

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