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Unrestful MovementsFirst Movement In E B + Q: Are You A Fireman

2011 remastered Jayrem release.Issued by Jayrem as a CDr with printed label etc

15-track CD features 11 tracks from their two 1982/1983 12” EP’s  plus an additional 4 tracks (Internment, Romantic Regurgitation, I Am Greed, Minds Eye) - demos that were “found” when researching the Unrestful Movements archives.

Back in 1983 music writer Gary Steel wrote “Noise harnessed and released with sensitivity is terrifying and beautiful. Noise has power and an ability to transcend phony refinement. The Birthday Party, The Gordons and Shoes This High have known this for years, And now continuing that grand tradition is Wellington’s Unrestful Movements”. 

Remastered by Paddi Addison and extensive liner notes.

No Job
Israel – Egypt
Started To Wonder
Backstabbing Bastards
Anti Trend
A Band Of Our Type
Street Violence
Plastic Bullets
Really Different
Romantic regurgitation
I Am Greed
Minds Eye

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