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Lilburn ,DouglasComplete Electro-Acoustic Works

Douglas Lilburn (1915-2001) is considered 'the father of New Zealand music’ and most certainly the pioneering father of New Zealand electronic music - Jack Body, John Rimmer, Phil Dadson, Salmonella Dub, Shapeshifter and Rhian Sheehan to name a select few are all influenced by Douglas Lilburn.
 In the early – mid 1960s’ - after considerable success as an artist - he rejected composing for acoustic musical instruments and turned wholly to the creation of electronic works. The works on Complete Electro-Acoustic Works date from 1963-1975, have been restored to a high sonic standard and are available for the first time in one collection. Some works are purely electronic, others were inspired by the natural sounds of the sea or bush, or the writings of leading New Zealand writers such as Allen Curnow, Denis Glover and Alistair Campbell.

Sampling,spoken word, birdsong, self-generated sounds and exploratory techniques: splicing, filtering, and soundscaping using entirely synthetic materials are all present. The 3 CD set includes a DVD containing two 4-channel works by Lilburn, with all extant film material of the composer, plus an informative sound interview and photographs.

CD1 (67.07):-
Three Inscapes
Sounds and Distances
Of Time and Nostalgia
Cicadas, Oscillators and Treefrogs

CD2 (74.13) :-
Soundscape with Lake and River
Poem in Time of War
Dance Sequence-Expo 70
Summer Voices
Five Toronto Pieces (1969)
Toronto Tailfeather
Fragments of a Poem
Study from One Note

CD3 (73.24):-
God Save
The Return
Three Studies for Gustav Ciamaga
- Study 1
- Study 2
- Study 3
Welcome Stranger
Five Toronto Pieces (1963)
- Prelude
- Two Part Scrabble
- White Noise Study
- Sings Harry
- Spectrum Study

DVD :-
Three Film Excerpts
Glass Music
Four Channel Works*
- Lines and Distances*
- Sounds and Distances*
Radio interview*

*Audio only

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