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Barb are James Milne (aka Lawrence Arabia), , Eliza-Jane, and his Connan and the Mockasin bandmate Seamus Ebbs. Barb is the result of a 3 year long distance relationship which culminated in the 5 friends converging on Auckland's Roundhead Studios to create an album of rich joys, with tales of lesbian lovers, adventures on the Nile and, and even a four year old's obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Liam says of the collaboration; "It seemed only natural. We have been involved in each other's music for so long... getting up to play at each other's shows... touring together when possible, we knew starting a band together would be fun... but we had no idea what it would sound like."

1. Leo
2. Alcoholic Darling
3. Not A Bird
4. Please Don't Interrupt
5. Martin XII
6. Time To Contemplate
7. Beatman
8. Counting Sheep
9. 2004
10. Characterful
11. Nile
12. Looking Out Through Barb's Eyes

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