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Various ArtistsNo Peace For The Wicked

A 2011 Jayrem released 15-track compilation featuring the best from New Zealand’s 80’s heavy rock/heavy metal scene … Knightshade, Confessor, Strikemaster, Lionheart, Stormbringer, Stonehenge, Tokyo and Blitz. These bands packed the halls and pubs of city and rural NZ and all of these recordings are making their debut on CD.
Included as a bonus disc is the classic 1984 live recording of “Three Points Of Metal” featuring Knightshade, Strikemaster and Tokyo.

Both CD’s have been remastered and there are extensive liner notes and photos.

Disc 1-

Knightshade – Blood & Money
Confessor – Soldier Of hate
Strikemaster – Your Time Has Come
Lionheart – Running Free
Stormbringer – Bridge Crusher
Stonehenge – Burning Fever
Tokyo – I Rock You
Blitz – Key To Your Heart
Knightshade – Free Love
Strikemaster – So Many Faces
Confessor – No Peace For The Wicked
Lionheart – Fallen Angel
Stonehenge – Easy Livin’
Stormbringer – Take Me Down
Tokyo – Lonely Hearts

Disc 2 - Three Points Of Metal (live)

Strikemaster – Intro/Johnny
Strikemaster – Wasted
Strikemaster – Better Ways
Tokyo – Tough Road
Knightshade – Pay the Price
Knightshade – Free Love
Knightshade – Reach For The Sky
Knightshade – Livin’ A Life

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