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Family CactusSpirit Lights

Led by multi-instrumentalist/composer/singer Adam Ladley, Family Cactus comprises six members of differing musical pedigrees. The co-lead vocals of Ladley and Nina Siegler propel songs into story-driven mind-movies.
'Spirit Lights' (June 2011) is a more ethereal, spacious version of their debut album (Come Howling), combining a wider range of instrumentation and ideas. A new rhythm section (Matthew Armitage and Reese McNaughton) has given the band a new life and taken the songs in new directions.

1. Fields And Fields
2. Empty Nest Egg
3. Neighbourhood
4. Moss Green Cape
5. Lake Abe
6. Abe Mistake
7. Dark Science
8. Whole & Red
9. Dragon Flies
10.Spirit Lights

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