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Wakem / Nielson ProjectThe New Fusebox

A vehicle for the original compositions and arrangements of Composer, Piano and Keyboard player Lindsay Wakem.

Wakem, who leads the group, has been playing in the NZ music scene for a number of years and has an impressive catologue of original material mostly heard on his two previous albums 'The Politiks of Jazz' and 'Another Three Days'.

Alongside Wakem on Piano, Rhodes and Digital Keyboard are:

- , Horns (5 NZ Music Awards; Producer on Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! {2007 Album of the Year}, and has played with many well respected NZ and international musicians).

- Phil Scorgie, Bass (Sydney based NZ expat; Bob James, Mick Nock, Blossom Dearie etc).

- Dean Kerr, Guitar (Renee Geyer, Marcia Hines, Peter Urlich and producer of film scores etc).

- Jason Orme, Drums (Bluetrain and many current working NZ jazz units).

The music on this album (15 tracks) extends on from Wakem's compostional style on his two previous projects, easing into a more reflective direction in the latter part of the album. The musical empathy between Wakem and Nielson can be heard throughout the album's broad variety of musical journeys.

1. Mechanix
2. Song For JJ
3. In The Mirror
4. Your Quiet Smile
5. Blue West
6. Bossa Tossa
7. Close Relations
8. Jimmy Steals Dan
9. Keep It Tight
10. Friday's Vanishing Act
11. Who Would Have Thought That?
12. Interlude No.1
13. Dance Me Round The Island
14. You Are Further And Further Away
15. Interlude No.2

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